Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I See Your ID????

Hello Customers, how is everyone doing tonight??

Excellent, Ok would anyone like a drink?? A beer? S

ure can I just check your ID?

This statement customer’s requires one simple answer: Sure you can check my ID, no problem.

However for some reason asking for an ID is like asking for $50!!!! Customers it is my job to ask for your ID and one day this will be seen as a complement.

As you can tell today’s post is geared towards the younger generation, especially those in the twenty-year range.

I know you are all super cool now because you can hang out at the bar and the novelty of being nineteen and showing people your ID has worn off, but I’m sorry children you still look like you are twelve years old. So when I ask for your ID please don’t give me a hard time. No I don’t know who you are, I don’t know your drink, and I don’t remember you from last week. I served 200 kids last week that look just like you, I can’t keep track.

Just pass me your ID and be happy or trying to get your next drink will be a little difficult. Remember I am your access to alcohol so keep me happy!!!

Finally for those less than nineteen here is a quick tip:

If you come in one night and ask me which fake ID looks more like you, don’t come back the next night and try and use it. In those cases I do remember who you are.


  1. Although I look young, I guess I get IDd less because I have a child. You do however get weird looks when you go for dinner with only a child and order a pitcher. Stop judging me Ashley.

  2. I love getting I.D. then I know my Olay Anti-wrinkle face cream is working! However, I do not enjoy when the sever knows my family and yet still confuses me for the older daughter and that is when I second guess a new brand in face anti- wrinklecream.

  3. There is nothing more obvious when you go to ID someone and they pull out some random ID from Timbucktu. They are the only one at the table who is 35 (when everyone else is 19) and the only one who is from out of town. It is so suspicious, but half the time you have to serve them. Sucks! I fear the day that a cop walks in, although in 7 years of serving, that has never happened!

  4. I LOVE the ID's that "come in" from Saskatchwean. I am a bartender and I understand your delema. Just this past weekend I was serving a McMaster FORMAL and some kid in JEANS and a Hollister T-shirt asked for a beer. When I asked for ID he looked and me scarlett red and said "Are you serious?"
    "Uhhhh YA I am" I said
    "I don't know if I have my wallet with me"
    (who doesn't bring their wallet with them when you know it's a cash bar?) He leaves for like twenty minutes and low and behold an ID from Saskatchwean is presented. I responded with "OHH my friend when to High School there, what school did you go to?" Again came the red face accompanied my a stutter "uhhh... ummmm... welll.. uhhhh..." He than spit out some RANDOM, generic school name. I gave the ID to my manager and he just said "Enjoy the night" and made me sell him drinks.... yuck.. I was trumped again...

  5. Hey, I had to show I.D. last year. Was I at a bar, a restaurant, a liquor store? Nope, I was at the new Sobeys on Glendale. What was I buying?
    Some de-alcoholized wine and beer, alcohol content 0.05. I have thought about this alot since. Nope, still don't have a clue what the point was.