Monday, February 1, 2010

I only have 2 ARMS!!!

Hello customers, nice to see that you all made it back.

Today’s lesson is on clearing the plates.

Picture the scene: your appetizers are finished and you are waiting for the main course. The table is covered and you can see the restaurant is packed, and your wonderful waiter/waitress is running around trying to get to every table in his/ her section.

One would think it to be beneficial to take all the dirty plates and place them together so that when the main meal arrives the waiter/waitress will have a place to put the plates down. But here lies the problem customers; apparently certain people feel that we waiters/waitresses have five arms. So while I stand there balancing scolding hot plates on my arms I am also supposed to clear the plates from in front of the customer and pass the plate down a table that is longer then my own body.

As a courtesy just stacking those plates prior to your main course arriving would greatly reduce the number of burns I have on my arms. Also if you can tell that your waiter/waitress is a tad on the short side reaching to take the plate from him/her would be helpful, unless you rather see him/her struggle to make it to the end of the table.

This little bit of help can change your servers thoughts from “Are you kidding me what do I look like an octopus?” too “ Thank you so much I wish everyone else was as helpful”.


  1. So true. My favourite are the ones who can clearly see you have every one of your 5 arms filled to the max yet they still continue to hand you plates from the table. They don't seem to have enough smarts to stack the plates nicely so us lovely servers can pick them up how we need to but yet they have no problem tucking them between our toes when they can clearly see every inch of our arms is full. Can you tell I am a server???

  2. I know exactly what you are saying...I worked in the Mayfield Inn Hotel in Edmonton many years ago. I did a little bit of everything...I was a banquet and restaurant waitress, and also a busgirl. The hotel had a dinner theatre that could hold around 500 people, and I used to work there as a busgirl. One day I thought I was going to die covered by a thousand dishes...