Monday, February 22, 2010

I Do Remember You

Hello Customers,

Ok so I know in my previous post I said that I don’t really remember customers when they come in, well here’s the thing when you’re rude to me and cut me off before I have even said hello, I’m going to remember who you are.

For instance a specific customer, who shall remain nameless, comes into my establishment on a regular basis. The moment this specific customer enters there is a made dash from the servers to the hostesses to request not having this customer in their section because of situations like this:

Me: Hi how is ev…. (cut off)

Customer: I want a coke and they are all drinking water (referring to the rest of the party).

Me: Ok (said with smile) I will be right back. (Actual Thought = great here we go again)

Me: Alright here are everyone’s drinks…Are we ready to order or do …. (cut off again)

Customer: The last time I was here they got my order completely wrong, I don’t even know why I come back.

Me: I’m really sorry about that I’ll do everything I can to make sure today is better (SMILE, Actual Thought= I would LOVE if you never came back)

Customer: GOOD it BETTER be right today.

Me: Silence (Actual Thought= I have no idea what to say right now and I would like to throw that coke in your face)

Customer: Fine they are having a pepperoni pizza (interruptions from party)… NO that’s what you are having!!

Me: Silence (Actual Thought= you poor children)

Customer: Now I want a salad BUT NO meat, I’m ALLERGIC!!!!

Me: Ok wonderful, I’ll put that in for you right away and if you need anything else please let me know (BIG SMILE) (Actual Thought= Lady you are a LIAR you were in here last week and yelled at me because your STEAK wasn’t cooked right!!!!)

So there you go customers!!! Moral of today’s post we servers remember the terrible customers and just because we are smiling doesn’t mean I am not dreaming of throwing a drink in your rude face.


  1. I would really appreciate you not writing about me in your blog. I will need to talk to your manager next time I am in.

  2. Brett unless you are a lady then it's not you!!! Or are you hiding something... not that there's anything wrong with that!

  3. Wow, I have been a server many times in my life and it's so true. I make a point not to annoy my server. They have access to my food!

  4. Post attempt #2!
    So what I was going to say originally but it didn't work the first time was I 150% sympathize with you. I work at La Senza and we have so many customers that come in and every time I see them I was to shoot myself in the foot. These people come in and take out all their issues on us, and rant and rave about the most ridiculous things about the store that I can't control because I don't OWN La Senza, yet they like to pretend that I do. They complain that the sizes don't go large enough and they say to me "why not?" and what I would LOVE to say is "I DON'T MAKE THE CLOTHES I DON'T KNOW WHY!" I really believe that people need to work in retail or the hospitality industry to understand and appreciate what we go through, and maybe then they will stop being rude and treat us with respect and not like someone who is there to be their servant! I'm just sayin

  5. Ashley, I can hear your voice through these words and I don't know how you can have such a big smile on your face when these thoughts are running through your head. You have talent my friend.

  6. Ashley,

    It's unbelievable how people are so screwed up and rude. I feel bad for you and all servers who deal with people like that. And oh my lord! I feel so bad for those children!!!!

    I would love to come in the boston pizza next time she is in to tell her off for you :)

  7. Ash, I used to be a server back in the day. I recall this one retuning customer that always complained about something. This woman had a particular thing about onions. She wanted her onions on her salad THINLY sliced. Luckily, I displayed such talent. One night the restaurant was super busy and I had to help out. I cut the onions perfect and the lady complimented on them. It was like climbing Everest!

  8. An education in PR has taught me lots, but inappropriate words still tend to roll off my lips when I meet people like this.
    They are everywhere, being miserable and self-important to staff in order to compensate for their own inadequacies.
    My personal favorites are the ones that behave this way in front of their children, while they are raising the next generation of social mutants.