Saturday, March 6, 2010

Debit, Credit, Any Change?

Hi Customers,

So happy that you enjoyed your meal tonight can I get you anything else?


Well then I’ll grab your check for you.

Insert cheesy “Do you have to give me my check” comment here!!!


Actual Thought- If I here another one of these jokes tonight I’m going to scream!

All right here’s your bill if you need debit, credit or any change please let me know.

Ok customers this is where today’s lesson comes into play. Once you are given the bill please JUST PAY IT!!!! Then you can hangout, finish your beer, finish your coffee, we don’t care.

You see customers we servers can’t go home unless we have collected all the payments for the night so while you are having a laugh and relaxing we are giving you the death stare from the servers area. I know that for the past hour I have waited on you hand and foot but now I would like to go home, I actually do have a life outside this restaurant.

So there you have it, short and sweet (just like me)

Get Bill – Pay Right Away!


  1. Piling my own plates? Paying right away? This restaurant etiquette stuff is going to be tough... but your tips are very helpful. Thank you.

  2. I really hope next weeks lesson isn't going to be wash your own dishes. I should just stay home if it is.

  3. Well I learned something new with this post. I always feel that I am being rushed out once I am given my bill, so if I am not done yet I always thought I was supposed to wait to pay until I was all done. And once I do pay I always thought that is when I am supposed to leave, but now I know that if I am not done I can still chill for a bit even if I have paid. Good to know, thanks for these tips...keep 'em coming!

  4. I usually try to pay right away but as a customer what bugs me is the waitress who hands you the bill and then disappears into what I can only assume is the labyrinth hidden in the back of the restaurant. I know servers are busy, I can wait. But when they are no where to be found it is questionable.

  5. So many rules to follow! I think I better just stay home from now on ;)

  6. I agree with Rhiannon the waitress always disappears after she/ he gives the bill. I think you need to tell your fellow servers some lessons as well.
    What i want to know is which do you prefer that we pay with. Debit, Credit or Cash?

  7. I wish I couldn't agree more! I can really relate to this post. I mean don't get me wrong any server or bartender knows that this is a great industry for a good laugh but sometimes enough is enough. Thank you for informing people of the do's and don’ts in’s very necessary.

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  9. Hmmmm, can I sit somewhere than next to Brett when go out? Heee.
    I'm with Lindsay, I always fee rushed to leave if I have paid the bill, and guilty if I change my mind and want another drink once the bill has been paid.

  10. I have to admit I'm guilty of that.. Sometimes I just want to hangout before I pay, but since its soo annoying I guess I've learned my lesson now lol