Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Being A Server Isn't for Everyone

Hey Customers,
I know that I have been venting a lot on this blog, and though it may sound like I detest my job, I actually don't mind it that much. That being said.... I understand that serving isn't for everyone. So here is my top ten reasons why being a server isn't for everyone, if you can handle all these you may want to apply.

1) You are always wrong
- When a guest tells you he/she ordered a Pepsi but your memory, the computer and your note pad all say iced tea.... he/she wanted a Pepsi

2) Tip Out
- The constant "but your tips are good right?" conversation about your lack of money for social events can get annoying. There is this little thing called a tip out that must be considered with every order you take. The tip out is always constant, so if you don't get tipped then the kitchen receives money from your personal bank account.

3) Social Life
- Short and simple. YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!

4) Math 101
- Your guests are angry because YOU didn't inform them that the the extra sauce, their extra scoop of ice cream, and the chicken added to their nachos cost extra.

5) The Smile
- You have heard me talk about this one before. Not everyone can pull off the fake smile.
(Hint- the rosy cheeks makes it easier)

6) Conversation
- Guests only like to talk to you when every other table in your section is full. The conversation is always the same..."So what do you do when you aren't working?.... Hmmmm a student... well good luck with that." (Insert look of pity)

7)Same Side Sitters
- Those wonderful couples who can't stand to be away from each other that they sit on the same side of the table. They order for one another and if you are lucky will share each others meals.
- Please also note those that hold hands across the table while they are eating. These are especially noticeable on Valentines Day (the day were everyone gets to spend the day with their significant other except you because of reason number 3)

8) Families with Kids
- For me this one isn't so bad, because I like kids. However I could do without the 20min cleanup due to pasta being thrown, drinks spilt, and crayons broken in half.

9) Birthdays
- For some reason people actually enjoy having a group of strangers sing some stupid song about them getting older in front of a room full of strangers. This time in the night requires a lot of reason 5.

10) Servers Pay
- Incase you didn't know servers receive "Servers Pay" aka LESS THEN MINIMUM WAGE.

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  1. Geez... thanks for the heads up, I was seriously pondering being a server this coming summer, but with such a tough road ahead of me, why bother?
    I do remember being that little kid on my baseball and hockey teams sitting in the corner and having to give the server my sweater number to organize the bills. They all seemed to do such a good job, so pat yourself on the back!