Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Have 2 Degrees!!!

Hi Customers,
Now I understand that it's after 5pm and I am expected to wait on you hand and foot, however during the day I am a full time student with 2 degrees. Soooo waving your drinks at me and speaking
to me like I'm idiot will not get you served quicker.
Here is the situation:
Me: Hi girls how are you....
Customer: I want 2 vodka cranberry's
Me: Ok anyth..
Customer: 2 ok I want 2.
Me: Ok I will be right back (Actual Thought = Is this girl serious right now?)
- ok customers now after I return with the drinks and my wonderful SMILE, I left for 2 min to clean a table only to hear
Customer: HELLO (waving of drinks) I NEED 2 MORE!!!
Me: Ok... anything else
Customer: Can you just get me my drinks.. 2 more !!
Me: Sure I'll be right back (Actual Thought= This chick is going to get 2 drinks in her pretty blond face)

Now customers I'm not trying to be mean but seriously you would want to do the same, let's be honest.

1 comment:

  1. Ash, I swear I never do this. Don't worry. I feel bad when the server is really busy, and I timidly wait at the bar... they'll say "sorry, I'll be right there!" and I just smile and say, "no, no problem!" I can't stand people who are rude to servers, and I try to treat them how I'd want to be treated.